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- hotel dusk: kyle hyde by sin-claire - hotel dusk: kyle hyde by sin-claire
Kyle Hyde, from the awesome DS game "Hotel Dusk."

I can't believe how cool a fictional character can be. It's ridiculous. He's manly, grumpy, and witty, and he curses at kids. Not to mention he's a disgraced ex-cop.

Anyway, if you have a DS, get this game! Great story, deep characters, AWESOME animation style. It came out in the US last week.

plug: [link]

art©sin-claire 07; hyde©nintendo/cing
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shadowblaze362 Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
B-But... But Kyle has brown hair... :iconohnoesplz:
Rainbow-Power Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Everyone has different opinions on his hair colour. Some think it's brown, some think it's blonde.
Personally, I saw him with brown hair too.
shadowblaze362 Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
But it is brown! In the official artwork, his hair is brown, and in a few of the cutscenes, his hair is brown.
But I guess you're right... Everyone can do what they want.
Rainbow-Power Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Yes, I know what you mean!
In cut scenes you can tell it's brown, though a light brown at that. I think people just interpret the colours depending on personality. I think it's also a fact that in black and white, his hair is white, which people would relate to blonde as normally with brown hair the black and white would be grey or black...
MarvaraTorrent Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2012
I Liked It A lot ^^
xshadowxforcex Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2012
Awsome picture... And yes that game is Awsome.
tsubiichuu Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2011
Oh my god this is an amazing picture! I can't believe I only found it now!
wazburg Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2011  Hobbyist Filmographer
I allways saw Kyle as a blonde :>
marche-loves-henry Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2011
oh god its so abstract and to simply put it..beautiful! love this artwork and love this game!
ansem-the-dead Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
nice color take of hyde
TheRoyalPuppet Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
OMG I love this game ^^
WildRedRose14 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
OMGOSH! No way, Kyle Hyde! :D Love this guy & love the game.
marourin Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No idea what this series is but this drawing looks toxic and awesome
sylvertrix Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2010  Student General Artist
RAWR! gorgeous <3 <3
lapinenoir Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2010
He and Leon Kennedy are so effing rad. This is a great piece! His expression is perfect.
Quatrina Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2010   Digital Artist
I love that game. :heart: And this is very appropriate to it. Shows off Kyle's awesomeness nicely.
Axel-Bond-of-Flames Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2010
Kyle Hyde is a boss. Love that game ^_^
lady-tsuchi Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
The drawing speaks volumes! I love the background and how you overlaid it with the outline of the character.

The trailer was awesome! Definitely my kind of game. Once again I wish I had a DS. -_-
Kainazo Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2010
And he's makes Christmas trees for little girlsss xD
DragFairy Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
Awesome :) I love Hotel Dusk ~ ♥
slaadfingers Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2010
This is pretty much my favorite DS game.
KissesxTears Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2010
He is absolutely gorgeous :) I love his character <3
emyx1213 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2010
Love it =D
Celestial-Gold Featured By Owner May 16, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
KYLE HYDE, he's the man. The man who will tell you that, yes that is a sack of flour. Good for you.
AWESOME. Love the neon colors.
GMANTLExp Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2010
very nice retro effect :D love it
losslessformat Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2010
I live that game and this picture is awesome! I like the pattern on his jacket.
Flamming-June Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2009
Aaaah, awesome!
CptTroyHandsome Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2009
Awesome! Makes me all sorts of hyped for the sequel XD
LFair Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2009
Yeah, looooved this game <3!
OccorissiroccO Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2009
i love you for this picture.
I heard about the game in Nintendo Power, didn't have a chnce to buy it until a few months ago, and, i don't usually re-oplay games. . .but I'll be doing it with this one many, many time,s, I think.
Iisan Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2009
Great Hotel Dusk art! :+fav: It's really lacking in fanart. ):
AceKeybladeMaster Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2009   General Artist
Oh and I found this cool Hotel Dusk fansite, I thought yo might like it ^^

AceKeybladeMaster Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2009   General Artist
This is really awesome, you added on to Kyle's extra coolness, I love the pattern for his coat, along with all the other colors you used for this ^^ Kyle and Louie are my favorite characters so far, and I'm on ch.8 right now, and I love how you described him lol
PickleNana Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2009
Hotel Dusk is such an incredible game! I love it :heart:

Love your art as well! Kyle Hyde is such an awesome character :D
DardreiGraves Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2009
MUCH LOVE. Not only did you actually play the game, but you just captured the character so damned well! 5/5, and a dash of squeeness from a fangirl!!
funkyfun Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2009
So cool! Kyle just exudes coolness. I love the textures and patterns and colors!
maikoxshipper Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2009
I love this so much!! The expression, colors, and perspective are badass x3
I like this, a lot
silver-blue-moon Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Kyle Hyde is friggin sexy. This game is sexy. LOL <3 sexy drawing
kimiko Featured By Owner May 26, 2009  Professional Filmographer
Damn it this reminds me I still haven't finished this game ;A;

Aww yeah, the characters and animation style in this game were a lot of fun.
bmmb00sh00t Featured By Owner May 3, 2009   Interface Designer
i was pleasantly surprised by his devil may care attitude.

love the game and the styles. this is also incredible. after getting used to seeing the character in black and white all the time it's nice tosee some colour.
loadmysoul Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Gorgeous picture! Kyle Hyde is an amazing character. xD
deadums Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
AAAA I haven't been here in way too long, was totally going to fav this again because your Kyle Hyde is so fantastic~~~
Kytske Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2009
WOW! Dude, awesome work on Kyle!!!
Objectionized Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Wicked bitchin'. I love the tones. <3
glas-onion Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2009
Uhhhh :flirty: I so love this game..
and your Kyle looks amazing :heart:
I love the colors and his facial expression very much
CatrionaHearts Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Kyle Hyde XD

You captured him so well. Such an amazing character, like you said (:
Mayumiligaya Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2009
I'm glad I searched up hotel dusk because it gave me a chance to see wonderful work of art. You did a great job! :D
NiteLyfe Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2009
ahhh ahhh!!

sexay sexay hyyydeee 8D
OriginalZero Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2008
Awesome work... this game begs for fanart... its a shame than it dont have a manga or light novel version... not even artbook...
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